5 Commercial Landscaping Concepts Perfect for the Summertime in Allen Park and Canton, MI

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

5 Commercial Landscaping Concepts Perfect for the Summertime in Allen Park and Canton, MI

Commercial landscaping is a sometimes overlooked but truly essential part of owning or managing any business in Allen Park and Canton, MI. A pleasant outdoor environment can attract visitors or tenants to your property, and the look of an always clean landscape will convey an impression of quality and professionalism. An inviting landscape can also help to boost employee morale, by allowing workers to feel more satisfied and energized by their environment. The beautiful weather in the summer provides the perfect opportunity to explore new landscaping concepts and refresh your outdoor space.

Weed-Free Seating Areas

The perfect outdoor seating area can send a signal to customers and other visitors, letting them know that they are welcome to stop, relax, and enjoy the space. For that reason, you need the areas to always be free of weeds and any unwelcome sights. You can work with your landscaping company to maintain the perfect space that always meets your customers’ expectations and potentially aids your business. An always-fresh appearance reflects the kind of workplace or commercial property you want to have, such as a calm, pleasant place for employees to socialize, collaborate, and recharge during their breaks.

Seasonal Updates

The sunshine and vibrant energy of summertime should not be ignored. With an updated landscaping plan, you can ensure that every area of your commercial landscape can be enjoyed, whether it’s by employees returning to work from their break or actually spending their break outside, on a picnic table by a freshly mulched plant bed or, depending on the culture at your workplace, they want to take a moment put their feet in the newly mowed grass. In the summer, any moment to stop and smell the flowers or enjoy nature is most welcome.

Special Care for Shaded Areas

A combination of open and shady spaces can make your outdoor space perfect for all kinds of summer weather. Trees can provide a cool oasis on a hot day, or even some natural air conditioning for your building.

Proper landscaping, with regular trimming and seasonal cleanups, ensures that your selection of trees and shrubs continue to provide a peaceful, natural atmosphere in your commercial landscape. They also provide a contrast that accentuates and balances more colorful areas.

Create a Welcoming Entrance

A welcoming entrance is an absolute must at any time of the year, but especially when people are spending more time outside. The entrance to your building invites customers into your business and helps to tell your story, whether your property is a warm and welcoming place to be or purely a place to get business done.

This means every area of your welcoming entrance must be pristine, with well fertilized grass and no weeks amid the walkways. You want your commercial space to help orient your visitors to your business and not distract them from anything that appears unsightly. Invite them in with beauty. You want them to feel welcome.

Lighting Maintenance

Perhaps your restaurant has branched out with outdoor seating from the pandemic. Or the warmer weather makes people linger on your apartment complex longer. Be sure that your landscape lighting always performs by having your landscaping team check on the lights and make any fixes when necessary.