5 Landscaping Trends to Consider for Your Outdoor Kitchen in Canton and Livonia, MI

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

5 Landscaping Trends to Consider for Your Outdoor Kitchen in Canton and Livonia, MI

Having an outdoor kitchen in Canton and Livonia, MI would help make it much easier to combine hosting and entertainment duties with the ability to efficiently prepare meals. It’s a landscaping feature that comes with many, many options: Here are five trends you’ll want to be aware of as you consider your options for an outdoor kitchen.

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Herb Garden

To add convenience and comfort to your outdoor kitchen, the addition of an herb garden would check all the boxes. You can have your herb garden planted next to your kitchen or add it to an existing landscaping bed. You can also have one constructed within your outdoor kitchen, possibly above your prep area, using wood planks and individual pots.

There is no wrong way to create this spicy upgrade. Having direct access to the herbs and spices you need readily available is convenient, allowing you to spend more time working on your culinary skills instead of constantly having to go to your indoor kitchen.

Bar and Seating Options

The addition of a bar is twofold. It will provide more entertaining space by adding additional seating for your guests. Plus, a service area at the bar will provide a hangout space needed to spark conversation in your outdoor kitchen. It also encourages others to interact with the chef.

Even though you may not get a lot of hands-on help, guests sitting around conversing and providing you company as you cook is an excellent option to have. Look into adding a kegerator with additional taps or a wine cooler to keep your drinks ready for serving.

Outdoor Fireplace

Incorporating an outdoor fireplace near your kitchen will provide both you and your guests with an instant relaxation spot. As you prepare the night’s meal, your family and guests will have the luxury of enjoying a friendly fire by your outdoor fireplace. Even when the fireplace isn’t in use, it will serve as a visually interesting vertical element in your outdoor space that could complement or potentially match the materials used to construct your outdoor kitchen. The placement of an outdoor dining area near your fireplace will help set the mood for a fantastic meal.

Paver or Natural Stone Walkway

It wouldn’t seem like a walkway would be considered an addition to your outdoor kitchen, but it is helpful to lessen the foot traffic from inside your home. Construct a beautiful walkway using natural stone or pavers that will guide your guests from the driveway to your outdoor oasis.

Cabinetry for Easy Convenience

Many indoor kitchens have all the necessary cabinetry needed to fill your needs, so shouldn’t it be the same way for your outdoor kitchen? It can be challenging to plan a meal and determine what kind of cookware and utensils are needed to complete it—never mind having to carry out all that tableware.

The addition of cabinetry will give your outdoor kitchen the necessary storage space to keep you from having to run indoors for supplies. Stainless steel appliances and cabinetry are possible, as are other materials that are chosen for their weather durability. With expert input and design and construction, you will have an outdoor kitchen with your must-have amenities that will last through many, many warm-weather seasons and meals.

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