6 Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas that Bring Safety and Beauty to Walkways in Dearborn and Canton, MI

Updated: Mar 15

Best 6 Outdoor Lighting Ideas in Canton, MI That Bring Safety and Beauty To Walkway

Walkway lighting is an essential safety feature for any outdoor space in Dearborn and Canton, MI, but it also allows for a number of exciting design possibilities. A creative outdoor lighting design can help to highlight the shape of your walkway, and enhance the overall look and feel of your landscape design. You can select a variety of types of lighting, from lantern posts to lights embedded in the ground, to emphasize your style and add some character to your outdoor spaces.

Get Creative

From different shapes of light fixtures to different types and styles of light, there are numerous elements you can focus on when selecting the perfect outdoor lighting plan. Consider creating an enchanting atmosphere with lantern style lights, or a more modernist look with geometric light fixtures.

If the number of possibilities seems overwhelming, it can help to begin by defining the style of your outdoor space. With this in mind, you can also consider other elements of your landscape design, such as the color of your pavers or the types of planting you have around your walkway, to help you determine the right kind of lighting for your space.

Choose the Right Height

Lights placed higher off the ground can cast light over wider areas, making the entire walkway and areas around it easier to see. Shorter lights can help to highlight smaller areas, preserving the dark nighttime atmosphere of your outdoor space, while providing a glow and ensuring the safety you need to enjoy nights outdoors.

Step Lighting

Lights installed inside of steps will illuminate both the steps themselves and the walkways below in a way that can be subtle but ensures safety. These lights also blend in with their surroundings and can fit with any design, no matter how detailed or minimalist. Step lighting can also help to highlight the dimension that steps can add to your yard, and contribute to the graceful transition between spaces.

In-Ground Lighting

If you’re looking for a more minimalist design, you can use lights that are installed in and around your walkway. This will create its own unique look with pillars of light that create an interesting design while also defining the shape of your walkway.

In-ground lighting can also be a great design choice if you’re looking for lights that blend into the landscape, while also highlighting some of the foliage or structures above your walkway. For instance, lights in the ground around your walkway can highlight the shapes of trees above a walkway, or plants closer to the ground.

Make Use of Angles

The angle of the light can have a major impact on the look and feel that it creates. Lights pointing downward can highlight more concentrated areas and create more of a glow, while lights on an angle may be better for lighting larger walkways.

You can even use lights that point horizontally to highlight areas of both your walkway and your landscape. Depending on the type and intensity of the light you use, this may also provide more light to your outdoor space overall.

Pay Attention to Spacing

Evenly spacing walkway lights will create a sense of order and visual symmetry. You can also play with the spacing, as more concentrated lights may create more illumination, and more spaced out lights may help to preserve the outdoor nighttime mood.

When it comes to spacing, there’s also consideration made to the spacing of your lights in relation to the walkway. You may want to specifically highlight the shape of the walkway or create a glow over the general area with lights placed slightly farther away.