7 Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Include in Your New Landscape Design in Dearborn and Grosse Ile, MI

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

7 Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Include in Your New Landscape Design in Dearborn and Grosse Ile, MI

Outdoor lighting is an important consideration of any landscape in Dearborn and Grosse Ile, MI. Bright lights are a great security feature, dim lights can add character and ambiance to your pool deck or patio, and a variety of outdoor lighting techniques can be used to highlight gorgeous landscape features that would otherwise be unseen in the darkness. We have put together a list of seven of our favorite lighting ideas to include in your new landscape design. Let’s take a look.

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Illuminate Your Walkways

When guests arrive at your home in the evening, illuminated walkways would make your home appear more welcoming. Plus, ample lighting can help prevent falls since everyone can clearly see where they are walking. You can have lights added by stairs that lead from one space in your front or backyard to the next, making the transition safer and more attractive in appearance.

Incorporate Security Lighting

Having the outside of your home and landscape lit up at night can be a security benefit. Nothing can lurk when shadows are minimized. Potential thieves are generally much less likely to attempt breaking into a home that is bright because they would face the risk of being seen and caught.

Highlight Decorative Features and Architecture

With an outdoor lighting plan, there is no reason that the focal points of your landscape should have to hide just because it is nighttime. If you have a peaceful pond or a bubbling water fountain, a spotlight will allow these features to be seen and appreciated at all hours of the day. Lighting can also be added to highlight the architectural features of your home or outdoor areas.

Consider Lighting Plants and Flower Beds

There are various ways that outdoor lighting can be used in plant and flower beds. Individual lights can be placed to draw attention to specific plants, or floodlights can be used to brighten an entire flower bed. Some plant and flower bed lighting can be discreet and simply follow the edging of the flower bed.

Add a Silhouetting Effect

Is there anything quite as beautiful as the silhouette of a tree or plant against the sky at dusk? This look can be re-created to be seen at all hours of the night with the use of a silhouetting technique. Lights can be concealed behind a tree or plant to create the same effect. It’s a gorgeous look that draws the eye and can add character to your landscape.

Don’t Forget About Downlighting

If you have a party or gathering on your patio, you may want the entire area to be brightly lit. If this is the case, downlighting or area lighting is a good idea. Downlighting requires that lights be mounted up high to cast light in a wide range to effectively light up the entire area.

Go Upward for Moonlighting

An enchanting outdoor lighting technique is called moonlighting. In this method, lights are mounted up high in a tree to shine downward. This creates a moonlight effect because the light filters through the branches and creates shadow patterns that dance as the branches move in the wind.

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