Benefits Of A Lawn Overseeding Contractor In Flat Rock MI

Putting together a vibrant, green yard does not have to be exceedingly hard. By choosing excellent products and bringing in a team of professionals who have been very successful in the past, you should be pleased with the work. As your trusted lawn overseeding contractor in Flat Rock MI, we can steer the project to a successful conclusion.

There are some basic steps that we’ll take to make sure that the grass germinates beautifully. First and foremost, you’ll want a relatively loose soil that is also even. Very hard soils will need to be tilled, but this is not the cases for all properties. We’ll be able to determine whether a full tilling is necessary.

Choose a grass seed that works for your yard. If your property is mainly devoid of trees, then you’ll want to choose a seed variety that is great in full sun. If you have plenty of large oaks around, on the other hand, then seed that is meant for full or partial shade will be the better bet.

It is always a good idea to seed a little more heavily than the average, as this is the best way to ensure that you have a lush lawn sooner rather than later. You’ll want grass that is quickly established before the hot or cold weather sets in. This way, your grass will be mostly filled in before the scorching temperature of summer or the snows of winter.

We can help you with a property of any size. Whether you want to plant a few hundred square feet or a few thousand, we’ve got you covered. We’ll bring our knowledge and experience to bear on every project.

If you want a new lawn but need professional help, call us! We’ll overseed so that you’ll soon have thick, luscious grass everywhere. You’ll love the way your property looks when all is completed.