Benefits Of Commercial Landscaping In Canton, MI

Updated: Jan 24

It doesn’t matter how attractive your building is if the surrounding grounds are unattractive, overgrown or poorly designed. Keeping the grounds in tip-top shape requires time and effort, in addition to a knowledge of plants and their care. Such work needs a dedicated professional to do the work. Are you searching for information about commercial landscaping in Canton, MI? Do you need to find top quality landscaping in the Canton, MI area? Turf Concepts Landscaping has the most dependable and trusted landscapers’ team in all of the Michigan region.

In order to keep your commercial organization looking its best, there are several components which are important. These include watering, fertilization soil treatments and plant selection. You also need to put in the time and effort to remove weeds and unwanted plants. Grass and plants need to be managed to avoid growing in areas where they are not wanted, and to keep mowed grass, leaves and general debris removed from the premises.

Individualized maintenance packages are available for our commercial clients, as well as for residential clients. The packages can be structured around regular periodic mowing, weed control, lawn fertilization, shrub and tree trimming, seasonal cleanups, lighting maintenance and snow and ice management. We will be happy to design a package which will meet your individual needs.

We are experienced professionals who have built a customer base of home and business owners throughout Trenton, Woodhaven, Monroe, Ypsilanti, Canton, Ann Arbor, Flat Rock, Grosse Ile and many other surrounding communities. We understand the types of plants and the soils that are ideal for growing in our climate and eco-zone. Our maintenance services include watering, trimming, mowing, flower bed installation and hardscape features. We also repair damaged irrigation systems.

When your landscape is correctly designed, the upkeep is easier. Plans for the design are created with the cooperation and communication of the property owner. Every individual has different preferences for the appearance of the grounds, the amount of time that they want to spend in upkeep and care. Some people’s preferences lean more to hardscaping elements, while others may prefer expanses of lush green lawn. There is more to a lawn than mowing, and Turf Concepts can provide what you need.

Our years of experience and professional expertise has helped us to grow our customer base in the area. We are recognized as one of the top landscape companies in Canton, MI. You can call (734) 657-3151 today for a free quote!