Commercial Landscape Contractor In Flat Rock, MI

Building owners in Flat Rock, Grosse Ile, Trenton, Canton, and Ann Arbor have options for taking care of the green and growing spaces around their residences or commercial establishments. The need for professional and experienced practitioners to do the ‘at the roots’ care of your lawns and gardens is best fulfilled by those who have gained knowledge during years of experience. Are you looking for information about a commercial landscape contractor in Flat Rock, MI or the surrounding area? If you need commercial landscape service in Flat Rock or surrounding areas, Turf Concepts Landscape Management is the most reliable and trusted contractor in Flat Rock, MI.

Landscaping services are just one of the skills available from your professional contractors. The right look around homes and businesses depends on a number of factors, not the least of which is aesthetically pleasing and healthy plants and trees. In choosing the plants, professionals take many things into consideration. These include soil type, water needs, owner preferences and others. Knowing what plants are available for specific locations is one aspect of what a landscape contractor does. Ensuring that the chosen plants continue looking good throughout their lifetime is another.

Even though placing the live plants and hardscape is critical, plants will often need a boost in nutrients, in order to stay healthy. Application of fertilizer is more than just spreading around some brand name mixture. Careful assessment of the soil and plants is essential to ensure that the live growth remains healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

Both commercial and residential maintenance practices are important. Our professional team will keep your lawn and flowers looking attractive and staying healthy. Maintenance practices may include mowing and trimming, weeding of flower beds, and fixing of burned or dry spots in grass. Periodically, removing leaves or thatch from lawn areas may be necessary, depending on the season and the location.

Because we get snow and ice in Michigan, snow and ice removal may be necessary to keep your landscape in top shape year-round. Maintaining clean pathways and parking lots is important in homes, as well as in commercial establishments. Customers want to walk on drive and walk on your business premises without the risk of slipping on an icy patch, or wading through deep snow. Turf Concepts has the equipment and expertise to handle all your landscape needs.

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