Does your commercial landscaping reflect your brand?

Businesses are trying harder and harder to attract customers by having unique branding. With so much to think about when creating your brand, don’t overlook your landscaping. The landscaping and maintenance of your property can have a huge impact on your brand. Often, the landscaping is the first interaction customers have with your business. What kind of first impression are you leaving?

Details matter. You need a landscaping company who has experience in the commercial sector. Are your shrubs properly pruned? Are the mower lines neat and attractive? Do you have the proper fertilizing and weed control? Are attractive flowers placed in high traffic areas?

An experienced landscape company takes care of the outside, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Appearance matters and you want your customers taken away by the clean and well-maintained landscaping. The landscaping company you choose matters as well. You want a company with clean trucks, uniformed employees, and a proven track record maintaining commercial properties.

Does the first impression you present convince potential customers to stop in? Or will they drive right past?

Grab their attention with colorful flowers, and well maintained planting beds.

This image doesn’t stop when winter hits. What business wants to be known for having sloppy and slippery parking lots and walkways? Your business depends on having safe, convenient access no matter the weather.

Be sure your landscaping and snow removal contractor is up to the task. At Turf Concepts Landscape Management our snow removal services operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure your property is safe for your customers. Our modern fleet of snow removal equipment will give you peace of mind knowing we will be on site clearing your lot. We are also a member of ASCA (Accredited Snow Contractors Association), which puts us at the leading edge of snow removal technology and education.

Great landscaping can boost your brand, so it only makes sense that bad landscaping will hurt your brand. Do you want untrained employees who lack passion for taking care of your grounds? If you don’t care about the outside of your property, it is safe to say things aren’t great inside either.

At Turf Concepts, we are experts in the services and details to make you stand out from the competition. Lawn maintenance, seasonal color, weed control, planting, irrigation maintenance, tree care, and snow/ice control. Everything your business needs to put its best foot forward.

Our crews are consistently trained using best practices and will treat your property with keen attention to detail.

Give us a call today at 734-657-3151 and let us help boost your brand.