Finding A Retaining Wall Contractor In Trenton MI

When businesses or homeowners need to maintain boundaries between two different levels of soil, it usually requires a bit of construction. If you are looking for a retaining wall contractor in Trenton MI to help you with this, we can assist. We’ll develop an engineered blueprint that can be used to build a series of walls that will remain solid and dependable for a long time.

Before the construction begins, we’ll do an analysis of the property to determine what’s going on beneath the surface. Clay soils and gravel soils, for example, react quite differently to stress and strain. Our goal is to determine the soil qualities so that we can then engineer a barrier that will remain competitive in the years down the road.

Sturdy walls can be crafted from many different materials. In most cases, they are made from cement or perhaps brick. Such hard materials will support the wedge of dirt and soil behind it from sliding into the pathway or roadway on the other side of the wall. On hilly roads that see a lot of automobile traffic, steadily built barriers on the sides of the road are critical to the health and safety of drivers.

Soil that is not propped up by a retaining wall can be a problem. During strong weather events, for example, rain can dig away at the dirt and send it cascading onto roadways below. Hill-sides that do not have any vegetation are especially vulnerable.

Because we are licensed and certified in barrier construction, we will always make sure that the work is done correctly. Leave the engineering to us and you’ll be pleased with the results. We always calculate force loads to make sure that anything that is constructed is completely viable.

You can ultimately rely on us whenever you need new walls built. We’ll examine the site and determine what needs to be done. Once the project is finished, the new barrier should prevent run-off for many years.