How To Perfectly Achieve The Best Sod Installation In Trenton MI

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Whether you are doing sod installation in Trenton MI on your own or with the help of a professional, it is essential to understand what is involved. As always, working with a professional comes with a lot of benefits; however, you need to have a better idea of what the installers ought to be doing to choose the best installation firm. Ensure you evaluate everything with the landscaper to avoid issues of dead grass in the future. This piece provides essential steps on how to lay a perfect sod on your lawn.

The first recommended step is testing your soil. How to prepare the soil for sod installation has to be handled by a professional. This is because it involves applying chemicals that kill off the old grass before installing the new sod. The health of your soils drastically determines the overall health of your sod. Therefore working from the ground up is vital in ensuring superior grass quality.

Choosing the type of turfgrass you wish to install on your lawn is probably the most enjoyable part. Since you do not want to pick a sod that is only aesthetically attractive to your eyes, ensure the selected grass also fits the climate and environment that you live in. This can be easily achieved by researching the area as well as the climate near you. You must also familiarize yourself with the different turfgrass characteristics.

The next step involves finding out how much sod you have to order. The most efficient tool used in measuring outdoor spaces is the area calculator tool. This vital tool helps one in understanding how much sod you should purchase. At Turf Concepts Landscape Management, we take pride in having professional landscapers who will help you measure the lawn area and come-up with a proper turfgrass order.

Appropriate site preparation will make it easier for grassroots to penetrate evenly and deeply. Deep roots make your lawn drought resistant and denser, leading to efficient use of nutrients and water. A dense lawn also out-competes weeds and is more resistant to insects and diseases. With this in mind, Turf Concepts Management should be your first choice when it comes to turfgrass installation. Our years of experience make us stand out, a reason why you should reach out.