Is Lawn Fertilization a Must in Allen Park and Dearborn, MI? Here’s What You Need to Know

Is Lawn Fertilization a Must in Allen Park and Dearborn, MI? Here’s What You Need to Know

Lawn fertilization is usually considered a must in Allen Park and Dearborn, MI. A properly fertilized and well-maintained lawn will be lush and green in appearance. In contrast, a lawn that is not fertilized or well-maintained will present numerous problems that are completely avoidable. As spring nears, we thought it would be a good idea to go over the benefits of lawn fertilization.

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A Lawn that Looks Good

This reason to include lawn fertilization in your lawn care plan is fairly simple—you do not want your lawn to be an eye-sore. A lawn that is covered with brown and dying grass simply is not attractive and can take away from the overall appearance of your home. Your neighbors will also appreciate you having a well-maintained and fertilized yard.

When the roots of the grass are strong and healthy, this can help you avoid mud puddles and dead patches on your lawn. Since the roots absorb water, this can help to prevent water from pooling in your yard and prevent bare patches from popping up.

A Healthy Lawn

When a lawn is not fertilized in a timely manner and taken care of properly, it can quickly look like a mess. Whether that means an abundance of weeds growing, dead grass, or pests, the truth is that keeping your lawn healthy is important. Proper fertilization on a regular basis will make maintaining its lush appearance more effective in the long run.

While keeping your lawn clear of leaves and branches will help to improve the overall appearance of your lawn, your lawn can lose out on the nutrients that would have been added to the soil. Having a professional fertilize your lawn on a regular basis can help restore any lost nutrients.

When your lawn is healthy, it will be much easier for it to handle seasonal stressors that can occur. These stressors can include droughts, excessive rain, weeds, and pests. With the proper nutrients, your lawn will stay beautiful throughout many conditions that could otherwise negatively affect it.

Potential Environmental Benefits

One reason that lawn fertilization is a must might surprise you: It is good for the environment. The truth is, a thick and healthy lawn can help to prevent stormwater runoff. Rainwater that is filtered through a healthy lawn also loses its acidity and can be less harmful to the environment.

A thriving grass root system is known to prevent erosion, which can deplete the soil of essential nutrients. Not to mention, erosion can cause structural issues to a home. Another added benefit is that healthy grass is known for producing oxygen.

Pest Control

A healthy, fertilized lawn can encourage the habitation of earthworms and other good bugs that will eat pests. Without these good bugs, you are more likely to see unwanted pests beginning to show up and destroy your lawn. These pests include grasshoppers and gophers, among many others, all of which can eat the grass blades and cause the grass to die.

If you want to avoid a plethora of problems, we suggest having your lawn fertilized by lawn care professionals. They can develop a plan for the proper care and maintenance of your lawn so that your lawn is as lush, green, and healthy as can be.

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