Looking For Landscape Contractors In Flat Rock, MI?

Are you in need of residential or commercial landscape contractors in Flat Rock, MI or surrounding cities? Turf Concepts Landscape Management has a service area which includes Grosse Ile, Trenton, Canton and Ann Arbor. We have the knowledge and experience to perform a variety of landscape services, including design, installation, fertilization, commercial and residential maintenance, and snow and ice control. We have been offering our expertise to home and business owners in the Flat Rock area for more than two decades.

We Do It All!

Landscape care begins with the design and installation of outdoor living features, Some of the popular choices include outdoor kitchens, water features such as fountains, flower beds, and walkways. You might want to add shrubs, trees and flower beds for a truly stunning aesthetic appeal. We do all the work for you from design to installation.

Fertilization Experts

Typically, green and flowering plants might need nutrients in order to stay healthy. Regular fertilization schedules are important to keep lawns green and weed-free and to keep flowering plants blooming and thriving. We have the training and experience to use most effective types and correct strength of fertilizers for any outdoor landscape application. Too much fertilizer can be harmful to your plants and trees. The wrong type of treatment can burn leaves or destroy blooms. Our fertilizer applications are designed to supplement the soil when it’s depleted or is lacking in certain nutrients.

Regular Maintenance = Healthy Foliage

Once your plants are in place and thriving, our job is not finished. Maintaining healthy plants requires delicate care and maintenance. Mowing the lawn, edging the flower beds and trimming broken branches from shrubs and trees keep the entire landscape looking tidy. Whether the grounds are spacious or postage-stamp size, a pristine appearance requires diligent work. You can rely on Turf Concepts Landscape Management to take care of your landscape as if it were their own home or business.

Seasonal Snow Control Solutions

When the snow season hits, we will continue with our landscaping tasks. However, instead of trimming plants and mowing, our attention turns to snow and ice control. Do you need your business parking lot cleared in order to allow better access for your customer’s vehicles? We can help! Icy sidewalks are not only unsightly, but they are a health and safety risk. We remove the snow collections which interfere with the operation of your business or access to your home.

Watering & Irrigation

Appropriate watering schedules and efficient irrigation systems are essential to the health and appearance of your lawn and plants. We know which types of plants require a more plentiful supply of water and which can be destroyed by over-watering. Regardless of the type of irrigation and watering system you have installed, we can help to make the best use of the available water. When you are looking for details about spring lawn watering schedules and maintenance best practices, we can help answer any questions you may have. Or you can simply rely on us to manage these task for the optimal health of your landscape.

Experience Counts!

Our professionally trained team has more than two decades of experience in the industry. We know the soils and plants of the Flat Rock area and can help your lawn and garden to be a serene and beautiful credit to your neighborhood. We help home and business owners to do their part to enhance the appearance of the neighborhood and the entire community.

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