Prevent Erosion Issues With Reliable Retaining Wall Installation

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

If you’re in the process of landscaping your outdoor areas and want a feasible, functional plan that will stand the tests of time, you’re not alone. Smart planning will limit the amount of money you have to spend, keep your property looking its best, and prevent problems with soil erosion among many other things. At Turf Concepts Landscaping, we think it’s important for homeowners to understand the many benefits of retaining wall installation.

As top-rated erosion control specialists in the region, we know just how detrimental earth moving can be when it happens as part of natural settling, extensive exposure to rains, and other events that are part of nature’s course. Retaining walls are eye-pleasing additions to backyards that are just as functional and beneficial as they are attractive. Not only do they keep the earth from shifting and moving, but they can additionally prevent the formation of sinkholes.

Take stock of some of the erosion-related problems that neighboring properties have experienced. This is one of the best ways to determine whether or not one of these walls is right for your home. If your neighbors are constantly shelling out cash for grading and filling projects, this is definitely a preventative measure to invest in.

Even as they’re incredibly beneficial when preventative measures are needed, these structures don’t take up a tremendous amount of space. With a vast range of ways to design them, they can provide flat, traversable surfaces at multiple elevations. Many people have opted to incorporate planters, planter boxes, and other elements. Given their aesthetic appeal, these additions can even add value to homes.

By stabilizing sloped land and providing many other structural benefits, these products can additionally prevent flooding and many other moisture-related soil problems. Choosing to work with a reputable hardscaping company like Turf Concepts Landscaping before soil-related problems arise is infinitely cheaper than reactively addressing these issues and dealing with the resulting property damages. Get in touch with us today to schedule an onsite estimate and to determine whether or not one of these walls is right for you.