Show Off Your Landscaping With Strategic Outdoor Lighting in Canton, MI

Show Off Your Landscaping With Strategic Outdoor Lighting in Canton, MI

When you have an impressive landscape design at your home in Canton, MI, it’s appropriate that you would also want to show it off at night with strategic outdoor lighting. You, your family, and your guests can enjoy your beautiful outdoor areas in the daytime, but by adding lighting you can enjoy these spaces in the dark evenings too. As your preferred landscape design starts to take shape, the outdoor lighting plan could be included as well—to ensure a beautiful atmosphere will be created for both daytime and nighttime enjoyment. Here are some of the places where we may recommend using strategic lighting to show off your landscaping.

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Along Walkways and Steps

Having lights installed along your walkways and steps isn’t only going to help show off your gorgeous landscaping, but it will also help make it safer. You want your family and guests to be able to safely walk from one area of your outdoor space to the next without worrying about tripping and falling. Everyone will appreciate well-lit walkways and steps so that they know exactly where they need to walk to reach other areas of your front or backyard. Inground lights can make your landscape look sophisticated. Lighting up these areas is essential.

Brighten Your Patio

While there are practical reasons that you would want to brighten up your patio, it also helps create the perfect ambiance for your evening gatherings. Indirect lighting tends to work best in these situations rather than flooding the patio with light. You may want task lighting around the outdoor kitchen area so that you can see to cook, and dimmer lights around seating areas to create a wonderful ambiance. Lighting places along the edges of your patio will help create boundaries within your landscaping. As a result, it will look like the professionally designed patio that it is. You could also add twinkle lights to a pergola for a magical effect that will be sure to impress everyone who enters the area.

Retaining Wall Lighting

If your outdoor area features a retaining wall, strategically placed lights can make the area glow. When lights are shined upward along a wall, it has a dramatic effect that showcases all of the edges and lines of the material used to build it. Hardscape lights can be installed directly within the wall, while additional lighting can be placed throughout flower beds along the retaining wall. Specific plants or flowers can be brightened up with a spotlight if you want them to be on full display even in the nighttime. Using stake lighting could be a good strategy for these areas.

Highlight Landscape Features

Think of all of the landscape features that you want to show off the most. These features could include water fountains or waterfalls, statues or other artistic elements, or even a hot tub area. The strategy used to add light to these areas will differ, depending on the ambiance you want to create. For example, uplighting could bring attention to a favorite statue and give it a unique perspective while the area around the hot tub may require softer lighting that creates a romantic atmosphere. A landscape professional will be able to create a plan that will bring all of your landscape features to life.

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