Solutions From An Experienced Landscape Renovation Contractor

For many people, the lawn and other components around their residence are as important as the structure itself. Whether the space around your house is tiny or expansive, its appearance can affect the perception of the home and its inhabitants. If your home’s near surroundings are looking somewhat worse for the wear, our landscape renovation contractor services have solutions to fit the needs and preferences of our customers.

There are several different components that make up a successful landscaping project. These can include plants, shrubs and trees, as well as hardscape and water features. These various components will be selected to meld successfully with the preferences and interests of the home or business owner. Our designers can work with a bare space, or with existing features that must be removed or conversely, should be retained as part of the finished space.

Often, a drab or ugly house surround is due to poor health in the plants that are already in place. Trees and shrubs can be hit by predatory insects, and grass can become straggly, overgrown with weeds, or worn down by foot traffic from pets or children. A renovation project will ensure that all plants are thriving.

Some areas impose restrictions on the amount of water that can be used for green spaces, especially during dry months. When choosing plants, consider water needs. Some plants do better in certain soil conditions. This is another element to consider in your renovation project.

The amount of time and effort which a property owner wants to spend on maintenance is another limiting factor. Grass must be mowed and walkways edged. Weeding and fertilization must be done on a regular basis and pruning or shaping trees and shrubs is a task that may need to be done by professionals to keep the renovated area looking its best. Turf Concepts Landscape Management has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to design and maintain the appearance of your property.