Start Off 2022 Right With These 5 Landscape Design Ideas in Livonia and Canton, MI

Start Off 2022 Right With These 5 Landscape Design Ideas in Livonia and Canton, MI

The new year could be the perfect time to upgrade your landscape design for your Livonia or Canton, MI, home. You already spend a lot of time outside with friends and family, so why not make it more luxurious and comfortable in 2022? The right landscape design is a gift that will keep on giving all year long and for years to come. Here are five of our favorite features for a highly enjoyable landscape.

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Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

One landscape design feature that will enable you to spend more time outside throughout the year is an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit. Just because the weather gets colder doesn’t mean you should have to retreat inside—a fire feature makes it so you can cuddle up with your family and sip from a cup of hot cocoa while enjoying the warmth and the beauty of the flames.

This also gives your friends yet another reason to enjoy your parties, especially on cool fall evenings. A fire pit creates a focal point and a gathering place for your guests. The light of the fire can create an intimate atmosphere that is perfect for socializing and for spending time with the people that you love.

Water Features

Water features can create a spa-like ambiance in your backyard. Relax on your paver patio while listening to the quiet trickle of a water fountain. These soothing sounds reduce noise pollution so that your outdoor living area is calming and stress-free.

Water features are also visually appealing. Oftentimes, water features will draw colorful birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.

Outdoor Kitchen

Make hosting outdoor gatherings much easier by including an outdoor kitchen in your landscape design. You can keep the heat outside rather than having to do all of the cooking indoors. Instead of having to be inside cooking while all of your guests are outside socializing, you can socialize outside while you cook!

There are numerous features available for outdoor kitchens. Yours could include a grill, oven, pizza oven, refrigerator, and more. It is possible to enjoy all of the comforts outdoors.

Landscape Lighting

Consider the many ways that a fresh look at your outdoor lighting setup could change how you use your landscape. It can enhance not only your safety at night but the view: Lights can be added to highlight certain features in your front or backyard, such as a water feature or a decorative accent. They can also be used to showcase your beautiful flowers and plants.

Another benefit of a proper landscape lighting plan is that it can create a beautiful ambiance. Lights can be placed low on the ground to point upward to highlight a certain object while also creating mesmerizing shadows. Lighting can also be placed up high to brighten up a large area.


One of the most obvious benefits of a pergola is that it is a beautiful, striking feature. These wooden structures add character to any landscape in addition to dappled shade.

This landscape feature adds privacy and can extend your outdoor living space. Plants can be strategically planted to enhance the aesthetic. Add some twinkle lights and you will have a slice of heaven in your own backyard.

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