When And Why To Use Core Aeration Service

A beautiful lawn is the decoration of any yard. Maintaining a perfect lawn sometimes requires a lot of effort. Regular watering, feeding, and mowing are sometimes not enough. Core aeration service can make it easier for you to maintain your lawn and make it perfect.

If your beautiful lawn does not look exactly the best, even though you’re putting in a lot of effort, there is certainly some reason for that. Sometimes the soil is simply too hard, or it is in several different layers. Sometimes the problem is in the too-thick layer of thatch, which needs to be broken down because it does not allow water, air, and nutrients to pass to the roots.

Aeration is a procedure that drills narrow channels through the lawn with a special device. This allows water and air to access the roots of the plant. As a result, the plant grows easier and better, absorbs water and nutrients better, and everything looks even and lush.

If the lawn is often used, for example as a playground, or a passage to other parts of the yard, this will refresh it very well. If you have placed the sod on an earthen substrate that has been insufficiently loosened and too hard, this procedure will even out all soil layers and allow better development of the plant’s roots.

Soil composition can also affect the appearance of your lawn. If the soil is not loose enough, some parts will retain water and others will not. If the soil in the deeper layers consists of oversized clumps through which the root cannot pass, the lawn will look uneven. This procedure will be very useful in this case.

Seek expert advice on when it is best to carry out this procedure and how to prepare the ground for it. In any case, this simple and professionally performed procedure will do a lot for the appearance of your lawn and make it easier for you to maintain it.